Since I was a kid there was a fixation inside me, a little obsession that, without noticing it became a part of my life. I remember a lot my walks through Barcelona and that moment in which I stopped in front of a showcase staring at its content, it wasn’t a common showcase, it didn’t have a common dress, the dress didn’t have a common cut and it wasn’t from whichever label. When I was five years old I fell in love for the first time, at five years old I discovered what brides were, her dresses and Rosa Clará.

With the time my obsession started taking shape, expanding horizons and shaping them also, until I created something new: my own taste. A bride dresses label opened me the fashion world doors: its shoes, its bags, its fabrics, thousand of touches and textures. With the time I discovered the fashion as an art.

During all this maduration process I also was wondering myself the question, that question about my future, the question that everybody ask theirselves one day or another: ¿What do I want to be when I grow up?

I got thousands of answers, I changed them every month. At first I wanted to be a princess (dresses and comfort), but they told me that it wasn’t a safe choice for my future and it that moment I started testing all the jobs: vet, nurse, actress, singer (I’m really bad at it), dancer, farmer… An endless list of jobs that didn’t have anything in common, that sort of jobs that a kid repeats from his acquaintances to avoid comming into an unknown world.

But one day I opened my eyes, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up, but I noticed that I had been years asking myself the wrong question: “it’s not about who I want to be, I am already somebody, I need to know what I like.” It was just in that moment when my life changed, when a voice inside me talked for the first time: “fashion”.

The day I understood that my obsession for cuts and dresses could be useful, that moment in which I understood that I was the person I wanted to be and that that person already had her goals, my life changed and I discovered my route.

My first option was becoming a designer. in fact I still have some of the sketches of that dresses I would like to wear, but I’ve always been a responsible girl and I wondered if I really could reach my goal or not, I investigated. The labor market is full of designers, there’s too much good people and maybe I’ll never be able to design that clothes I would wear.

After dismiss that design thing I had a doubt that it didn’t take a lot of time to resolve.

I’ve always loved reading fashion magazines, commenting them and criticizing those journalists that, from my point of view, should never write. I love writting, playing with words, I’m that kind of person who has favourite words. My mum usually thinks I’m completely crazy after my reflections. A person that notices these kind of things is a words lover, a weirdo…

After loads of reflections I finally saw it: “I like fashion, I like words, I like writting. Why don’t I write about fashion?” It that moment I just congratulated myself, I had a goal, something to fight for, I promised myself that some day I would become an ELLE editor and that, if I couldn’t reach it, I would have done my best to get it.

Ladies and gentleman, that day I discovered my vocation and I stopped being a buoy that follows de sea flow. Now I’m studying journalism at UAB and this blog is my attempt to show the world a piece of who I am.