I’m back babes, I’m back for more and with new ideas. I’ve been through a lot of work this last year and I feel that this has influenced my style. From classy to comfy but always on point. This year I learned how to love myself, my curls, my face without makeup, my little tits without a bra, my body without a diet and my life without rules. I don’t want to celebrate the 4th of July, I want to celebrate the day I found myself and started to love me as I am. Healthy is the new great body, it doesn’t matter wether u’re skinny, curvy or bold. Embrace your body, your flaws and your weirdness. Fall in love with life, with summer. Get your hair wet and your makeup removed. Don’t get stressed if going to the beach shows how you are, because your inner beauty and the sparkle in your eyes while you live will make you even gorgeous. Enjoy of the body you were given and use it in all senses. Don’t let the fear of showing yourself stop your life.

I really hope you like this photos. No edit, no makeup, natural lighting. As I am. You can find this bikini at American Appareal. Why do I like it? Because it has got no foam, it has got no hoops. you can just feel the fabric and it doesn’t hide your body. It also dries really quickly and you won’t have wetness problems.

Let’s go back to the essence babes, let’s go back to basics.

IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6792 IMG_6816

output_aTr9eC IMG_6851 IMG_6871 IMG_6889 IMG_6891 IMG_6896 IMG_6900


IMG_6935 IMG_6974





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