Hell yeah to waves!

“Usually I’m the one that they cry for
But this man, he’s the one that I’d die for
Mama said there’s no cause for a rebel
Do you hear me now?
No love allowed”

[audio http://live8.goear.com/listen/3d0b368bad231225436e5fb0d580fe65/5447c438/sst12/mp3files/21092013/58fcfcad165d2491ac86df80beaecedf.mp3]


La mayoría de chicas con el pelo rizado hemos pasado por una etapa en la que nuestro pelo sufría ataques constantes en nuestro intento de alisarlo. Días y días de planchas y luchas constantes en los que nuestras puntas parecían desintegrarse por tal abuso de calor. El pelo rizado es especial y delicado, hay que saber muy bien como cuidarlo. Hay que saber que se necesita un difusor para secar el pelo, que una vez secado si se peina se encrespa o que es completamente inútil luchar contra él. Muy pronto haré un tutorial contando cómo cuido yo mi pelo, hasta entonces aquí os dejo algunas fotos con mi pelo, que tal vez sea de loca, pero es mío. En estas fotos llevo una camisa y unos pantalones de h&m y un crop top de Brandy Melville.

Most of the girls with curly hair have been through an stage in wich our hair was groing to several attacks in order to flatten it. Days and days of ironing and constant fights in which our ends seemed to desintegrate for the heat abuse. Curly hair is special and delicate, you must now really well how to take care of it. You have to know that you need a diffuser to dry your hair, that when it’s dry you can’t comb it because otherwise it will crimp and that it’s completely useless trying to fight against it. I will make a tutorial showing you how I take care of my hair, until then, here I give you some photos with my hair, that maybe seems a fool hair, but that is mine. In this pictures I wear a shirt and a pair of shorts from h&m and a crop top from Brandy Melville.









Marina Guillamón


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