Ya hacía tiempo que quería dedicar una actualización a mostrar uno de mis outfits, y hoy ha llegado el día de hacerlo. Siempre acostumbro a vestir lo más cómoda posible, con jeans o leggings, pero soy una verdadera fan de las camisas, ya sean a cuadros, tejanas o blancas, tengo un repertorio de formas, colores i anchuras bastante considerable. Otra cosa que no suele faltar en mis looks son unos buenos tacones, si ya lo sé, esto no forma parte de la palabra cómodo, pero no os podéis llegar a imaginar como me anima el día poder mirar mis pies y ver unos preciosos tacones que los hacen bonitos y más pequeños (tengo un 40).

En fin, este outfit esta basado en un total look tejano, ya que me encanta el efecto que produce. En cuanto a los complementos, con un look un poco masculino como sería este, recomiendo tirar a aquellos que sean lo más femeninos posibles. ¿Algún ejemplo? Yo lo he combinado con una maxi-cadena dorada (hecha por mi, en nada tendréis el tutorial), unos zapatos con brillantes y un bolso de topos. La clave de este look han sido unas gafas vintage de cuando antes se llevaban las wayfarer, fueron un verdadero descubrimiento, de las primeras que hizo adidas eyewear antes de adquirir el nombre.

I’ve been thinking about making a post about one of my outfits for a long time, but I wasn’t brave enough to do it, I just thought that it was so much easy to dress well and that it was a silly thing to show how do I dress, but after being thinking about it for a long time I finally decided to do it and just to take advantadge of it to show some of my pics! I usually wear comfortable clothes, such as jeans or leggings, but I’m a true shirts fan, they can be with squares, denim shirts or just plain and simple white shirts, I’ve got my little own collection of different sized and colourized shirts. Another thing which I usually wear are heels, yeah I know it, right now you must be thinking “Heels aren’t a comfortable thing.”, yes you’re right, but I just can’t describe the exhilaration I feel when I look down on my feet and I just see those pretty tiny feet in those beautiful little artworks (I may be exagerating, but they make me really, really happy), so I just wear them to enjoy my own view.  

Well, this outfit is based in a total denim look, and I really love the effect it produces. Referring to the accessories, I think that you should choose really femenine ones, because this is a male look. In this case I wear a golden chain necklace (which I did myself and I will show you how to do soon), heels with brights and an studded clutch. The key of this look have been the vintage sunglasses, which are from the time when wayfarer became in for the first time, they’re from Adidas Sunglasses before this brand was called Adidas, they’re just a relic!

HANDMADE COLLAR: soon DoItYourself at

NICE THINGS BAG (I think it’s from about three years ago)

SHOES (I got them from my granny, she also loves fashion and heels!)

TOUS BRACELET (I usually wear it)



Well, that’s everything for today, I just hope you’ve really enjoyed it!

Stay tuned




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